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As with other backends nbagg can be enabled inside the IPython notebook with: Once figures are created and then subsequently shown, they will placed in an interactive widget inside the notebook allowing panning and zooming in the same way as any other matplotlib backend.

Because figures require a connection to the IPython notebook server for their interactivity, once the notebook is saved, each figure will be rendered as a static image - thus allowing non-interactive viewing of figures on services such as nbviewer.

can now be a tuple if separate horizontal/vertical padding is needed.

This is supposed to be very helpful when you have a labelled legend next to every subplot and you need to make some space for legend’s labels.

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The backend makes use of the infrastructure developed for the webagg backend, which itself gives standalone server backed interactive figures in the browser, however nbagg does not require a dedicated matplotlib server as all communications are handled through the IPython Comm machinery.Backwards compatibility for Qt4 is maintained by wrapping the Qt5 implementation.The Qt5Agg backend currently does not work with IPython’s %matplotlib magic. He also didn't for six months, so one might think that some of the blame lies with him. He probably could have tried to ask someone, but apparently he did not.

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