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Roosevelt to lobby Arnold to reject any plan that did not commission women, and set up an independent organization commanded by women.

Ironically, Tunner's proposal called for commissioning women in the WAACs, but was turned down after review by Arnold.

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On August 5, 1943, the WFTD and WAFS merged to create the WASP organization.

Before the United States entered World War II, Cochran had gone to England to volunteer to fly for the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). After the attack on Pearl Harbor, to compensate for the manpower demands of the military, the government encouraged women to enter the workforce to fill both industrial and service jobs supporting the war effort. Tunner was in charge of acquiring civilian ferry pilots.Tunner, in particular, objected on the basis of differing qualification standards, and the absolute necessity of the ATC being able to control its own pilots.But Cochran's preeminence with Arnold prevailed, and in July 1943 he ordered the programs merged, with Cochran as director.Love, and went into operation on September 10, 1942.Soon, the Air Transport Command began using women to ferry planes from factory to airfields. With the publicity involved, the WAFS program could not be reversed, and so on September 15, 1942, Cochran's training proposal was also adopter Cochran and Love's squadrons we re thereby established separately.

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