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But here, where his living image, like him within and without, made by his own bare hands out of the depth of divine artistry, his masterpiece of self portraiture coming forth from his workshop to delight all worlds, walked and spoke, it could never be taken for more than an image.

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These viking women are the enigma wrapped in a conundrum because the men still haven’t figured them out.I shall mention six: language, creativity, love, holiness, immortality and freedom. All can be summed up by saying that man, like God, has an intelligence, a mind.According to Arthur Koestler, As I write this I can hear birds singing.But while it may be true that the body does not belong to the image, since God does not have a body, yet somehow we would like to see man’s body (which is a very real part of man) included in the image.Language and creativity,—two important parts of the image, are impossible without a body.

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