Who is penelope garcia dating

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After a few seconds Erin said, "and contestant number 3 is in seat 300", nobody got up and JJ said, "Garcie that's you", she said, "what's me"? Penelope stood up and said, "oh my god" as she slowly made her way to the stage, while she was on her way up to the stage she took a deep breath and wondered just what JJ had gotten her in to".

Once Penelope was on the stage Erin said, "alright ladies and gentlemen these are our contestants on WHO WANTS TO DATE DEREK MORGAN, the three girls sat there smiling and waving as the crowd went wild with applause.

, she said, "easy, your fans will get to see you meet your lady love, go out on dates and then hopefully fall in love with and who knows maybeeee marry her".

He said, "marry her, I don't see that happening Em, I'm a well known play boy and I don't think that I'm going to meet a girl and fall in love with her and want to get married in 6 weeks".

The music started and the host walked out on stage and said, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO WHO WANTS TO DATE DEREK MORGAN", the crowd went wild with applause.

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Derek laughed and said, "and just how do you figure that"?

Erin said, "as you can see Derek Morgan is on the other side of this partition, he can hear us but he can't see us", she laughed and said, "wave and say hi to everybody Derek".

Derek waved and said, "helloooooooo everybody", Erin said, "alright now comes the time to find out who Dereks three choices are going to be".

, Emily laughed and said, "don't worry we will pick out three of the most beautiful women out there and one of them will definitley be the one for you".

He crossed his arms and said, "what kind of questions do I ask these ladies in the first part"?

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