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Bautista is also being linked to actor Ahron Villena, which she claims she has a "close relationship" with.Eh what is up with the super sweet lovers “Mario Maurer” and “Gubgib Sumonthip? I want to shift my focus to work, something Gubgib feels the same about.“We’ve actually been engaged for almost three months,” Bie pointed out in his co-apology at the requisite press conference, “and our families are delighted with this news.It changes nothing except for accelerating our wedding plans.” The bigger surprise is that the pregnancy was no accident, which sort of spoiled the whole guilty premise. Oh, right, they’re not married, which they readily acknowledged is a major transgression in Thailand. They’ve showered her with congratulations on the social media and applauded her for maintaining her characteristic upbeat attitude.” Shortly before news alleges the two lovers have broken up after Mario caught Gubgib secretly going behind his back with a fling. Well, honestly speaking lately I’ve been working a lot, so we don’t have time for each other like before. But the news alleges that you broke up because you caught Gubgib cheating on you Not at all. But before all this, Gubgib gave an interview on Woody’s show that you’re still in love each other We’ve had some discussion on this.Time to do romantic things like we use to, became almost non existent. We consulted each other about the fact we’ve gone separate ways, and not having time for each other. We call each other to talk since we lately we don’t see each other often. I just want to put a stop to the word “boyfriend/girlfriend” to describe our relationship.

Let it be noted that they do intend to marry, however.

MANILA -- Comedienne Kakai Bautista on Saturday clarified her supposed past with Thai superstar Mario Maurer.

Bautista, 37, performed the 1983 hit "Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) by Sheena Easton.

At kahit makarating pa 'to sa Bangkok, alam nila 'yun. Hindi na kami nag-uusap." Bautista and Maurer met on the set of the movie "Suddenly It's Magic," which the Thai actor made with Erich Gonzales in 2012.

Rumors about the relationship between the two soon started to spread.

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