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How common are they, and what is an approximate price range for a decent used one? The other day, at a Sporting Clays tournament, I used my regular 32" 12 Gauge for the main event, but I also used a 28 Gauge O/U bird gun and a double trigger 20 Gauge side-by-side for subgauge and side-by-side events.

Also, is the Uplander Supreme the only one which offers the combo option, or is that available in the regular Uplander or Longfowler as well?

The Uplander Supreme also has a single trigger and has 28" barrels (I'm not going to complain over 2" difference---as long as it's not 26"), but I'm not sure that the slightly increased quality of the Supreme is really worth the increased price to me, considering that I'm not purchasing this gun as a showpiece but as a sturdy, reliable gun.

The only thing that I find more appealing about the Supreme is that it is offered in a 12/20 gauge combo set and still has a single trigger.

I have been wanting a cheap, side by side double barrel shotgun that I can take into the woods and not be worried about getting scratches on it, since the only other doubles I have are too old to shoot safely.

I will primarily be using it for squirrel hunting and shooting skeet.

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