Who is chad ocho cinco dating

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His income today is just 00 a month but every month he owes ,000 in child support, 00 in mortgages, 00 on food, 00 on car payments…

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They gave Chad his reality show thinking he would play the role of the ultimate bachelor.He was the ultimate villain on The Bachelorette, so they no doubt wanted to find out how he was in real life.(or Perfect Catch, I’ve heard both) — has unfortunate timing because of his interest in his dancing partner, Cheryl Burke.Johnsn won the Fiesta Bowl while playing with Oregon State University and was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals the following year. Johnson played successfully for the Bengals, but his successes on the field were often overshadowed by what many considered his "diva-like" behavior.His propensity for bragging and his continual disregard for authority made problems for everyone.

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