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I think a lot of men would probably crack under pressure. AH: I’m a man who loves people, life, travel and I’ve been through a lot. I’ve been through a series of events and I still remain strong and I still have a passion to heal. I’m slightly introverted but I’m very outgoing (chuckles)… AH: Well, you know from being an artist yourself that things change.Each creative process has its own beginning and ending, the way you approach it is different. If you’re in a place and the music is already there then you listen to the music and see what the music is saying and then you try to be honest with the music and whatever story it’s telling you, you help capture it. Because you have these two power people and eventually those egos are going to clash and consume what they thought was going to be magical and last forever.

The LA Times brings us back to all of Hamilton’s best moments in their most recent article. Anthony Hamilton has a history of taking viral pop culture moments and flipping them into something truly special.

Married to R&B superstar Anthony Hamilton, Tarsha shares her experience as a wife and mother in the new anthology I want women to be encouraged when they are in relationships. I think a lot of women – especially when they’ve been single for a long time – don’t even know they’re sabotaging their situation. So you’re like, “How did this chick over here, who doesn’t have anything going for herself, how’d she end up with a man like that? You’ve got to back all that down so he can be the man. We shouldn’t settle, but don’t expect the moon and the stars because you’re not going to get it.

They’re already coming in expecting too much from their man. I have a college degree, my own house, and I’m doing this and that, but I can’t get a man? I think a lot of times we expect men to complete us, a marriage to complete us, and that’s exactly the total opposite of reality.

So I think that each time I write a song, it’s different. it’s been so long now that some days you feel it again, a lot of days you feel it again.

There are moments when I’m in a groove and the music and the process is coming along pretty well and I end up with four songs because it’s like, okay, I’m in a groove now. Especially when I’m on stage looking out on all these people who had a similar experience and are connecting to the song.

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