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This month saw the return to our screens of British television giant Stephen Poliakoff, with Dancing on the Edge, about a black jazz band making their way into upper-crust society during the 1930s.

Poliakoff chose to lead his typically impressive cast for this five-part drama with one Matthew Goode.

When Matthew Goode first starred in "Chasing Liberty," opposite Mandy Moore, he was called the next Brad Pitt. She works for a fashion house, with really high-end knitwear.

But now, a few roles later, he's beginning to seem more like the next Hugh Grant. When I was living in London, my next-door neighbor was an actor and Sophie is her best friend. Scarlett's performance was terrific, but she got more attention for being on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Goode plays the mysterious Uncle Charlie, who comes to visit his surly niece, India (Wasikowska), after her father dies on her 18th birthday.

Firth apparently said: "I would really like to be doing [Stoker], but if it had to be anyone I'm really glad it's you." In some ways, he's a likely inheritor to Colin's crown: tall, dark and handsome, and terribly English, with an accent that's just the right mix of sonorous plum and clipped RP repression to have American audiences swooning into their popcorn.

He is also one of those actors, like Firth – and they are often British – who can convey an awful lot while seeming to not do very much.

He matches Wasikowska for intense, staring-eyes-like-pools, where you're not quite sure what murky depths they descend to.

Louche and charismatic, hands in pockets again, smirking again, but this time it's rather sinister.

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