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It's as if Portland is its own character in the show.

We've intentionally made Portland a character on the show. People's relationship to where they live, and the idea of an internal landscape that people possess has always been fascinating to me whether it's in fiction, song writing or in television.

I love how "The Wire" and Baltimore are so intrinsically tied.

I think that in terms of the narrative landscape, really having place be distinct helps define shows. I actually think it really grounds the show and provides a reality that we can spring off of.

Brownstein recently spoke with CNN about the changes fans can expect this season, her dream guest stars and "the hipster method of acting.

From both his marriages he didn't have any children.We realized that we had only introduced characters in the first two seasons, but hadn't really explored who they were or that much about their lives or their relationship to the city.We really started focusing on the characters in the third season so there will be a deeper exploration of the people on the show.Armisen went to the school of Visual Arts in New York City and soon dropped out to be a rock drummer. Fred began his career as a drummer of a local band along with his high school friend in 1984. The show gained him huge fan followings along with the name and fame.He portrayed the popular personalities such as Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Martin Scorsese, Tony Danza and Iranian President in the show.

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