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After breakup, your ex might experience a loss of control.

In particular, if your ex is a controlling or egoistic person, he or she will probably use mind games to gain back control.

This is by far the most immoral agenda for playing mind games.

I have had a lot of clients who fell into this kind of trap and ended up getting their heart broken again and again.

Her ex boyfriend would flirt with her and say things like buying a house together or get married in a joking manner.

When you find your ex is playing with your feelings this way, choosing not to play their games and demanding unambiguity from your ex is your best option.However, your ex’s defense mechanism tells him or her not to be upfront about it because your ex is not sure whether you feel the same way.It is typical of ex boyfriends to use mind games to get what they are after – sex.However, when she eventually decided to cut all contact with her ex, her ex boyfriend texted her soon after to tell her that he missed her. Then, all of a sudden, her ex boyfriend started to ignore her again. Then, some time later, your ex might start to regret the decision to break up.He or she would text you to check on you and see if you still have feelings for him or her.

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