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Maybe only a few are human in zion and the rest are programs, and perhaps many of them that are freed from the matrix are also programs; they are allowed to be freed in order to keep up the pretence that the zionists are actually achieving some thing and that they are gaining ground in the apparently none existant war with the machines.


check this site out regarding revolutions: maybe bull, though its sounds pretty good to me, maybe some truth in some of what was said.

Cat=&Board=matrix &Number=222964&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1 Bell says: The architect states that each version of the matrix lasts the same amount of time as it takes from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the next.

When those abilities increase to the level of the “ONE” that individual gets sent to the Architect to be assimilated by taking the right door.

Now I don’t mean assimilated in a good term I mean DEAD.

Has anyone thought about the possibility that the W’s might bring the movie to the level where Neo is not Digitally performing supernatural abilities but actually receives superhuman powers in the real world? Now most people believe that Neo stopped the Squiddy with his superhuman digital powers because Z10N is actually another Matrix.

But what if Neo is the “ONE” because he has mental capabilities above and beyond the normal human.

Now the machines of course don’t want anyone to realize their true potential so they create The Oracle to watch over everyone with abilities like the spoon boy.Cat=&Board=matrix &Number=222964&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1 well i found this on the net, as did the person before me it would seem. ***********Spoiler Start*************** Okay, Neo’s in Matrix “limbo” - somehow his mind got “jacked in” to a train stop outside the Matrix - the wild eyed guy in the Rev.trailer is the train man, controlled by the Merovingian.Now of course these individuals that develop this ability are in the matrix and not in the professors school.Now Neo was released from the matrix where he starts to realize how to harness these powers and strengthen them (MORPHEUS: “If you can free your mind, the body will follow.” Then he goes back into the matrix and is forced to realize these power even more.

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