Violetdating com dating bampton

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If they really weren't exclusive, she has the right to date anyone she wants. Let us know what you think is really happening in the comments below!

Only time will tell what has really gone down here.

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She also hinted that their relationship was emotionally abusive,with Jake frequently asserting that she'd be nothing without him.Disney Channel star Jake Paul and his fellow You Tube co-star Alissa Violet have just gotten into a huge public argument.While the pair is used to sharing their lives online, this time it got super personal and fans aren't sure who to believe. There's been speculation for months now that Jake and Alissa were totally an item, but they never confirmed it themselves.Alissa doesn't seem to be letting this setback faze her, anyway.She posted a picture with her former Team 10 squad on Instagram with the caption, "It was a fun ride...

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