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The triggers are not as bad, nightmares are not as bad. They tried to warn me before i fell for her once again! I am better now, but still need him to send my money until things are different. Not his wife, not his 2 adult daughters, not his brother, no one but me helped his through his illness. He promised me he would take care of this divorce and finalize it by our 4th anniversary. within 4 months we had each others names tattooed and had moved in together.sometimes I fear that he does “remember” me and come after me. I have been so hurt and feel horrible kept thinking we could work things out?? Sick at heart Reply He misses me every bit as much as I miss him. Within days of moving in the entire dynamic of the relationship changed.My conclusion of a narcissist is it is simply a fancy word for a massive c*#t.Reply I have really learned a lot reading the blogs, I was a very naive female who I guess did not believe in people being so evil.

I tried to leave a few times but somehow he always knew, he would twist things and say he was just going to leave, and I would never hear from him again. Reply I have been married 3 years; most have been unhappy because my husband has N rage, he had a terrible childhood very abusive parents, never gave him the attention he needed, always made him feel less then.

I am over a year out, finally divorced and I am still afraid of him. Nothing i did mattered to her for her to show me something where she wanted to be a couple. He has had many outburst of breaking screaming, breaking things and butting my head. He’s busy I’m sure with his nasty dating sites and porn sites. We had a lot of good times in the beginning but as the years went on the goods time were few and far between. This went on a whole year of chemo treatments, operations,sepsis, hospital stays, stem cell transplant, etc. All these years he practically lived with me all he brought over was a change of underwear. On our 4th anniversary he disappointed me again, no divorce. She is a doctor and my company designed the luxury condos that she moved into.

My hope is that he had already found his next victim and moved on without a second thought to me. I am depend on him for financial reasons because of things he did to me to cause me physical injury so I was not able to work for two years. Every time I discuss a topic he doesn’t want to hear he threatens to leave, and he does quite often sometimes for 1 week, 2 weeks a month and then comes back that he will get a divorce and things will get better. I spend all the hours with him for every procedure. He never cared that I was upset and crying about things. I cooked for him and did his laundry and tended to all his personal paper work he didn’t have the attention span to do. I said to him I knew you were going to do this again and his reply smugly was I guess you know me by now. She asked me out..things were great and moved very quickly.

Instead of doctors looking for multiple diagnoses – they put me in one pigeonhole and when the treatment of that didn’t solve everything- the rest was me – and labeled me as an addict within three months of starting pain meds because I was always in pain!

(My gall stones were keeping me in almost constant pancreatitis – NOT daily abdominal migraines and NOT addiction.) In addition, Dr after Dr ignores (at best) or listens and treats everything I say as a lie (usually) – the worst case of this a doctor gave me an IV medicine I TOLD him, wrote, told the nurses – everybody more than once – that I was allergic to – he gave it to me anyway and put me into total kidney failure, and during the six weeks inpatient getting extremely high dose steroids to save my kidneys – I got steroid induced psychosis – when I asked him WHY??

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