Validating dea number

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Note that each different level number is aligned in a separate column, making it easier to spot any mistakes.

This would produce a structure chart something like the one in Figure 6: Figure 6 - Numerical Sequencing Some standards have a rule that if a section has more than one parent (ie: can be called from more than one section at a higher level) then it should be allocated a prefix which represents a general-purpose routine, usually at the bottom end of the alphabet (eg: X, Y or Z).

In addition to validating phone numbers, you can also identify whether the number is a landline or mobile, to assist ensuring compliance with regulators.

There should then be a separate section to transfer each different set of data from this intermediate area into the screen buffer depending on the setting of the "toggle" switch.

These standards are meant to show how code can be written in such a way as to be more readable, easier to understand and therefore more maintainable.

As it is only possible to display one screenfull of data at a time it is usual practice to supply function keys which allow the user to move forwards to the next page or backwards to the previous page.

If a program has been worked on by several different programmers the mixture in styles can sometimes be very confusing.

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