Updating ssl 2 0 to ssl 3 0

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Developers can also provide alternative logic to determine if remote hosts should be trusted or what authentication key material should be sent to a remote host.

JSSE includes the following important features: More information about this provider is available in the Sun JSSE section of the Oracle Providers Documentation.

A cryptographic hash function is similar to a checksum and has three primary characteristics: it is a one-way function, meaning that it is not possible to produce the original data from the hash; a small change in the original data produces a large change in the resulting hash; and it does not require a cryptographic key.

An algorithm that is used to produce a relatively small fixed-size string of bits (called a hash) from an arbitrary block of data.By abstracting the complex underlying security algorithms and handshaking mechanisms, JSSE minimizes the risk of creating subtle but dangerous security vulnerabilities.Furthermore, it simplifies application development by serving as a building block that developers can integrate directly into their applications.The JSSE API is capable of supporting SSL versions 2.0 and 3.0 and TLS version 1.0.These security protocols encapsulate a normal bidirectional stream socket, and the JSSE API adds transparent support for authentication, encryption, and integrity protection.

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