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He was stationed at Ely, Nevada until 1977 and went to California. He worked for RCA tracking missiles on various ships (Arnold, Vandenburg, Redstone, and Observation Island) from about 1964 to 1994. Ring) at Patrick AFB and then spent 4 weeks TDY on GBI. He was a great guy to work for, and traveled a lot downrange, although he never was actually stationed downrange.He was employed by NBC Los Angeles until sometime in the mid 1980's and then returned to Florida. Bob." "I saw the link to your webpage on the USNS Gen. After retiring, he lived the rest of his life in El Paso TX. In July '62, he went back to PAFB for class on the 1206 computer (instr. He died of a heart attack around 1970 I believe, although I'm not sure of the year." Thomas E.Each user will need to do this on their respective device by navigating to Settings. We allow admins to use our website to remove or add new status updates.Just tap the on/off toggle button next to each Geofence, Beacon, or Network you want to turn on. This functionality allows Simple In/Out to be accurate enough to replace a time card system.

Hi, After a couple days of buying my HP Envy (Windows 10) I started to constantly receive alerts that say my recovery drive is almost full.some news may be old news, but NEW to this site, Look for the If you worked on the range, I would like to hear from you, especially if you know of any range rats who have passed on and not listed below. Charlie stayed with RCA, but was kept on the site as a consultant until the end of Feb. RCA then transferred him to the Antigua GLOTRAC site in Mar. He got caught in the big '70's layoff, but returned to Kennedy Space Center and worked in telemetry at Hanger A & E for the next 28 years. I know he also wrote: "The Little Girl Who Could Perform Miracles". Leonard was born in Judson, North Carolina on August 14, 1929, the son of the late Thomas A. Grant worked in Telemetry for fourteen years down range on the islands of Antigua, Ascension and Grand Turk." In Nov.If you can provide any information about where they worked and what years, the year they died etc etc it would be helpful. Whit left in April of '66 to work at the "Cape" and Charlie was made site mgr. Does anybody know any other books Speedy has had published? Mashburn, 82, of Saint Cloud FL, passed away on Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 at his residence. '09 I heard from Fred Perkins who wrote this: "Was just looking over the updates of range rat deaths on your site.You can see from many of the below entrys what type of info has been supplied. Next was GLOTRAC training on Eleuthera, which ended in Feb. However, instead of going to a GLOTRAC site, they sent him back to ASC for 6 months to work on the Nike-Zeus system. I know that some of his stories have appeared in the MTP news, usually around Christmas time. In your update dated 06 March 2009 you mention Paul Leger.If you know any of the range rats listed on this page and want to send more info. If you are a range rat who just found my website, be sure to check the "Range Rat Introduction Page" (there is a link at the bottom of this page), and also make an entry in the Range Rat Sign-In Book (not to be confused with the Guest book! (If you have signed in before, only make a new entry if you have an update or want to make a new comment). He was then sent to the GLOTRAC site on Bermuda in Aug. He was variously described as Manager of Trinidad Radar and a Pan Am Base Accountant. However, he was RCA Manager of D/R Instrumentation in the late 60s.

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