Updating an existing website

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You can manually insert the code if you have access to the header file by implementing the noindex, follow code as above.Download all of the HTML and save it as an Excel file. This will be the test crawl you’ll check through later.

Once you have the current site’s meta data and structure, you will know how to match the new site up. Free tools like Woorank will do the job, but I strongly advise you to get your hands dirty and manually do the work yourself.The first thing any SEO thinks when a client says "I'm redesigning my website" is what impact will this have on all my work?In these events, often the client doesn't even consider telling their online marketing agency about the redesign until two days before launch.There’s nothing like getting into the nitty gritty of your site to find any problem areas.You need to know what search engines like and don't like about your site.

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