Undertaker is dating

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" I balled the tissue and tossed it at the small gold trashcan, but it bounced off the rim. Let me just get this out of the way right off the bat: I am not now, nor have I ever been, into dead bodies. His mellow, masculine voice brought to mind images of a methodical patent attorney or perhaps an oceanographer. He didn't brood like a tortured artist with a subconscious death wish.He chuckled and took a deep drag from his cigarette. So it wasn't like I actively went out looking for an undertaker. One of them made me laugh and spit café mocha on my keyboard. I knew that he was an Italian who lived in the Bronx and this had made me worry about gray suits with white socks, chest hair and pinkie rings. "I won't meet you unless you tell me what you do," I joked. "I'm an undertaker." Well, at least he had a morbid sense of humor. He didn't taunt death by driving sports cars around sharp corners with his eyes closed.I was smoking a Marlboro Light, he was smoking a menthol. In some ways, it was comforting to date an undertaker.I reached for a tissue and didn't have to reach far -- there were boxes of tissues everywhere. "Can you imagine what the Kennedy family would do if they knew what was going on in this room now? They'd probably want to join in." I liked the undertaker, but it wasn't love. He had this whole mortality thing out of his system.

The former seemed ideal for the visiting dignitary who finds himself accidentally and fatally sideswiped by a cab. "Hypothetically," he began, "which would you choose? "The post-cornered Hanover in cherry." This surprised him. I would have pegged you as a stainless steel sort of guy." He spoke this out of the corner of his mouth, leading-man style. When I was with him, he was an eccentric entrepreneur. There were bronze caskets, wood caskets, caskets with glass tops like coffee tables. Serial killers often admired each other's work. I reached into the bag and pulled out an ice pick from K-Mart. They were for Batesville Caskets -- "Committed to the Dignity of Life." I flipped through the stiff, glossy pages. There’s a few days of fan celebration, a Hall of Fame ceremony, an NXT event, a massive pre-show, an even more massive main show, then the follow-up editions of that act like a clean slate amongst some of the more opinionated fans. Since then we’ve gotten such big matches as Hogan vs. There wasn't any big dramatics with Shane getting the heat, which surprised me. WINNERS: The Bludgeon Brothers This felt disapointing.The first installment came about back in 1985 with a main event of Hulk Hogan and Mr. Now we'll have to see what they do with Owens and Zayn. It was a buffer match, considering the high-emotions of the last match, but this was just a squash match, essentially, where the Bludgeon Brothers continued to dominate the division.

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