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Its opposite is absolute, a term designating a quality or quantity that is independent and not defined in relation to another quality or quantity.

In most cases, in fact, men will tell you their number is lower than they wish it were (the number of people they’ve slept with) and women will tell you it’s higher than they wish it were. Well, because, women don’t usually need to look too far to find someone who will sleep with them. If you wind up with one of those guys then you know about these realities of dating someone who used to get around a lot.

This simply reminds us that there is a difference between the immediate historical context of prophetic figures of the Old Testament and the historical context of the books that bear their name.

The books are the products of the community of faith sometimes over many centuries as they collected, reflected upon, and used the messages brought by the prophets themselves (for a graphic of the different time frames of biblical material, see The Three Triads of Biblical Interpretation and the accompanying article, Guidelines for Interpreting Biblical Narrative).

This suggests that the book uses much older traditions from the Assyrian era as a means to address a different set of problems in the post-exilic community.

When men are younger, they think that the goal is to just sleep with as many women as possible. That being said, there are those few guys in your town—you know who they are—who are just so undeniably hot and charming that they get around in their younger days.

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