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This past year alone, youth in over 13 communities engaged in youth-led, adult-supported initiatives to prevent teen dating violence.Juneau teens hosted their third annual “Be the Change” conference on racial and gender equity, drugs and alcohol, and healthy relationships.We know that many teenagers start to have their first serious romantic relationships during high school and early college.Parent/child conversations help prevent teen dating violence and help our children identify us as a “safe person” for these important talks.Several resources exist to help get the conversation started, including “Talk Now Talk Often,” a statewide effort to increase conversations with teens around healthy relationships.Download conversation cards at help prepare your teen for the ups and downs of dating relationships.Love should never hurt, but statistics show 1 in 3 teens are the victim of teen dating violence.Teen dating violence affects both males and females, and the damage the violence causes has profound consequences.

Define, educate, prevent, and protect; four of the most important teen dating buzz words needed to end the violence.

First Lady Donna Walker gives the keynote address during the Dr. We do this by treating youth and adults with respect and by modeling fairness, honesty and equality in our personal and professional relationships.

As parents, adults and community leaders, we play a key role in helping teens understand what a healthy relationship looks like.

Become empowered, learn about teen dating violence and strategies for protection and prevention.

Visit Understanding Teen Dating Violence for more information.

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