Song seung hun dating lee yeon hee Adult date dyx

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I never dated anyone I thought I might become attached to over time." Co-star Lee Yeon Hee, with whom he won a Best Couple Award for their performance in "East of Eden," once said that Song was very handsome but quite shy.The only bad thing I have to say about LDH is that she can't sing. As for LYH, I found her quite pretty, an innocent look. With SSH and SJS such close friends of KSW, I would have thought they would have had a more active part -- maybe during the reception. p=689 Last night, 27th, first episode of Worlds Within scored a 7.39% rating (saw 7.7% also). With this information, netizens have quickly concluded that the only couple who fit the description is none other than Song Seung-heon and Lee Yeon-hee.Just like me have no idea why there are that many people go for LDH. Wow, the engagement parties in Korea are quite elaborate!!! A preview of tonight's EOE episode of LYH & Michael's engagement shows an elaborate celebration. Link ID=2&Article ID=20081027110548741 67[/COLOR] '에덴' 이연희, 송승헌 대신 데니스오와 약혼 2008년 10월 27일(월) [스타뉴스] Whoa, looks so official. East of Eden -- 19th episode, 25.4% rating (Seoul)!!! And since Korea is a very small society, we guesstimate that this is probably true. Could they be a couple despite the 12 year age gap?__________ Nothng to do with EOE, but I've been watching All About Eve (2000) and noticed the brown bracelet JDG was wearing. She had worked with SSH and Park Yong Ha in "2008 Love Song" MV, in "2008 Love Song" concert, and with So Ji Sup in ad movie "U-Turn." It's interesting that both SSH & LYH were contest winners that eventually propelled them into stardom.It looks identical to the bracelet he wore to KSW's wedding (9-28-08). In the summer of 2001, at the age of only 13, LYH won the category of "Feature Best" in an SM Entertainment talent agency Best Youth contest among 8000 contestants.

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