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An ashtray has fallen on the floor, cigarette butts all around. The more you play games, the more suspicious I'm gonna become that you've been up to something.

Starting now I want you to have a new attitude with me.

JIM KURRING Maybe so, but I'm gonna ask you one more time: Is Anyone Else In This House Right Now?

Some neighbors called said they heard screaming and a loud crash.

YOUNG BOY He said he wanted them to kill each other, that all they wanted to do was kill each other and he would help them if that's what they wanted to do -- CUT TO: This is a WIDE ANGLE REPLAY of the whole event. Sydney starts to jump and the film suddenly slows down... CAMERA DOLLIES IN QUICK as he takes his hat off, shakes snow, looks off -- NARRATOR ..died for the murder of Sir Edmund William Godfrey -- Sir Edmund is greeted by his WIFE and two CHILDREN. one more time and PUSH IN towards THE LAST MAN -- NARRATOR ..Nigel Hill... The three men move in on Sir Edmond and start to knife him to death, stealing his money and jewelry. CAMERA PUSHES IN On them as they scream and shout directions at each other: NARRATOR As reported in the Reno Gazzette, June of 1983 there is the story of a fire --- HIGH ANGLE, THE TREE TOPS. NARRATOR --- the water that it took to contain the fire -- WATER FALLS DOWN... CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in towards FOUR FIREFIGHTERS as they survey the area. The MAIN FIREFIGHTER steps into a close up and looks: NARRATOR -- and a scuba diver named Delmer Darion. Engaged as a blackjack dealer -- CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in towards Delmer as he leaves for the nght, his uniform draped on a hanger over his shoulder, he nods and motions two fingers to his fellow WORKERS who say "so longer." (Note: He has a bandage over his forehead.) NARRATOR -- well liked and well regarded as a physical, recreational and sporting sort -- Delmer's true passion was for the lake -- CUT TO: OVERHEAD ANGLE Looks down on the calm lake....beat, then: THE MASSIVE AIR TANKER FILLS THE FRAME, TOUCHING DOWN ON THE WATER, FULLING IT'S BODY FULL OF WATER FROM THE LAKE. But most curious side note is the suicide the next day of Craig Hansen -- CUT TO: HANSEN flying the plane. Hansen was the pilot of the plane that quite accidentally lifted Delmer Darion out of the water -- CUT TO: The Blackjack table where DELMER Is dealing. JIM KURRING I got a call of a disturbance, you're door was open, I just wanna see what's goin' on -- MARCIE There's no disturbance. Anderson picture 11/10/98 a Joanne Sellar/Ghoulardi Film Company production OVER BLACK; NARRATOR In the New York Herald, November 26, year 1911, there is an account of the hanging of three men -- CUT TO: (Lumiere Footage Contd.) A man in period dress (1911) walks in the door. CAMERA WHIPS RT TO SEE: THREE FIREMEN battling the flames. CUT TO: CAMERA looks down on a blackjack game, BOOM DOWN and TILT UP to reveal: DELMER DARION (40s) NARRATOR Employee of the Peppermill Hotel and Casino, Reno, Nevada. NARRATOR -- as reported by the coroner, Delmer died of a heart attack somewhere between the lake and the tree. NARRATOR ...volunteer firefighter, estranged father of four and a poor tendency to drink -- Mr. He knocks, pushes the door open a bit, steps in: A very, very large black woman, MARCIE (4Os) appears, coming at him, ranting and raving; MARCIE What? JIM KURRING The door was open, I got a call -- MARCIE You're just come in -- JIM KURRING Calm down. JIM KURRING I got a call to this apartment, report of a disturbance -- MARCIE There's no disturbance. DISSOLVE TO: ) PROMO ANNOUNCER For over thirty years, America has hung out and answered questions with Jimmy Gator. Jimmy and a YOUNG SHOWGIRL from some other show are having sex on his couch. PROMO ANNOUNCER He's a family man who's been married for over forty years -- with two children and one grandchild on the way -- JIMMY and ROSE (50s) walk down a hallway towards a door. CUT TO: CAMERA DOLLIES in towards the televison again. An American Legend and a true television icon, Jimmy celebrates his 200,000th hour of broadcast this week -- CLIP OF JIMMY speaking to an INTERVIEWER. PROMO ANNOUNCER (contd.) We've tuned in each day to see the human interaction between Jimmy and some very special kids over the years -- CUT TO: CAMERA pushes in on JIMMY and ROSE as they enter, WHIPS over to a NURSE who looks up, smiles says "hello." PROMO ANNOUNCER (contd.) -- and we hope there's thirty more years of watching that happen. A quick highlight clip shows a ten year old kid named STANLEY SPECTOR answering question after question on the show, "What Do Kids Know?

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