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Sacred sexuality teaches you that in order to truly connect with someone, you first need to connect with yourself and then you can merge with another in true reverence.

I am also a lioness, a dancer, a seductress and a flawed yet perfect human being, just like you are.

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Watch in amazement at the color tone as you get a close up of some girl fingering her wet pussy, this is what HD is all about.I use erotic energy to enhance my life in many ways.I create ALOT, I practice rituals that give my life incredible meaning through art.I use eroticism as a form of activism in my world because i truly believe that people who are awake sexually are more free and liberated in their sense of self, with a greater capacity to dance to their own beat in a world that demands conformity; to choose a life full of pleasure, love and a total embrace of all that is.I founded a body of work called ORGASMIC HEARTS, dedicated to supporting women to deepen there relationship to their bodies, sexuality’s and sisterhood through the teachings of modern feminine tantra.

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