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The store was clean and the workers were following proper food handling procedures (I’m in the health care field).This store should be head up to other Subways as an example of how a Subway should be run!The young man, Dylan, who served us was very pleasant and personable.Even though it was very busy at this time, he was able to make me a “breadless” sandwich that I could eat on my specialized diet.91 degrees outside and made no tea, I do not drink pop!

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In 1984, the first franchise outside North America opened in Bahrain. Others found that this was true at their Subway shops as well and a lawsuit was filed in 2012.Subway was founded in 1965 by founder and former CEO Fred De Luca and Peter Buck. In 2017, the case was settled: Subway agreed to institute practices to ensure its footlongs are actually 12 inches and paid 0,000 in legal fees and 0 to each of the 10 individuals who filed suit. Today, there are almost 45,000 Subway restaurants in 112 countries worldwide.The first restaurant was called Pete’s Super Submarines and was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The duo wanted to expand more quickly, so they began to franchise. It is the largest single restaurant chain in the world.On a many occasions, I purchased lunch at Subway for many of the workers on my property. When a customer calls with a legitimate complaint, Subway COrporate, solely uses the information given to the Subway representative for the company’s advantage. THey should have co-branded with Boars Head, brand, etc. How about a campaign advertising Farm Grown Vegetables, in your rebrand campaign? A sandwich need not be built with exact PRECISION, like Subway does it. He would start with the illusion distraction technique, of reaching for a large amount of lettuce, but when the person making my sub, made contact with the lettuce, it was a pinch of lettuce. They are trained to build the SUBS this way, by SUBWAY Owners, to increase profit, under the guise of appearing that you are getting what you want.The Customer Point System Card would not accept/recognize all six (6) purchases, and I did not get credited, as a result, I got screwed and I did not like it. They fail to remedy the problem(s) of the complaint, through a credit or sending a gift card to the complainant. Subway, gives nothing back for their indiscretions and or mistakes. The typical Subway sandwich maker, appears petrified that they are putting on to many products or too much product. Economist call this trade off, “Being a Jerk.” Reply Subway 4011 Monroe St.

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