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I prayed, I begged, I bargained, I had prayer groups all over the country praying for him, I called his friends. My son was gone, I was keeping his body barely alive , an intricate balance of drugs keeping his heart pumping.

That week with him in ICU, his sister Caroline and I never left his side.

The last time I was with Matt a few hours before he overdosed, he was twirling me in circles and I was laughing so hard as he swung me around. How Blessed am I that these were his final words to me. He was my daughter Taylor’s boyfriend, they always talked about the life they were going to have together. She still carries him in her heart and always will.

I know Jesus welcomed you, but tell Him to wait a few years. There wasn’t the recovery programs that there are now. I’ve known his whole life Matt was gonna change the world, but this is not the way it was supposed to happen. Not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t ache for his voice and smile. Please tell your loved ones everyday how much you love them. Heroine took his like by accidental overdose on December 6th, 2012. yet.was socially using different drugs and let someone shoot him up with the wrong thing,.. It was devastating to me(his mother) and our entire family. He was a born again believer in Jesus Christ and played music to the Lord in church. Two years ago we lost Chris to an overdose of what most likely was Fentanyl.

My son Maxwell was 19 and he died of a drug overdose.

We broke one another’s heart but you forever will have it. He was handsome, beyond smart, athletic, a musician and stubborn.

I like to think that he is finally at peace, free from the tortures of addiction. Whether you are someone in active addiction, in recovery, a family member with a loved one in active addiction or in recovery, or the dreaded, a person with a loved one lost to the disease, we all suffer. We must stay strong together to demand changes in treatment and in stigma.

I knew the time had come, his delicate state could no longer be supported. With his father and the priest present, life support was removed. I like to think that his soul was long gone from his body.

We will shed our tears and carry on…but you will never be forgotten. (10/12/1989 – 06/08/2018) Matt was a vivacious 23 year old in February 2012 when he passed away from an overdose. Everything he had he gave away as soon as it was given to him. bought into the lies and stopped caring for his own life and started taking risks with it. At this point, he had high hopes that he would find recovery and 10 days after entering the facility, he overdosed. Such a great loss of life,he had so much life to live and so much good to give.

There was so much more waiting in the years to come, but that shall not happen. is now at peace and is whole and well and over time this fact has given me peace and joy for him. Although it has broken my heart, and still does at times, I know I will reunite with him one day and there will be no more goodbyes. After years of treatments, from rehabs to outpatient clinics, the devil, took control over his life.

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