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Coffin Cheaters Loose as a whore 7" EP Sell Your Soul Records/ U 51866 1999 Lets get fucked up and have unsafe sex/ Gas, Grass or Ass/ Horns run in the family// Built for Speed/ Devil's Den/ Happy Abortion Song/ Mama's Boy Garage punk rock, obnoxious and retarded in a Quincy Punx sort of way.Coffin Cheaters Fuck Jesus, Fuck Allah & Fuck Buddha, We're the Coffin Cheaters and We're God!Fast, energetic and heavy blues/punk rock Blackout S/T 12" LP 2007 Aborted Society Records/ ABSOC 011 Blackout/ I Like It Rough/ A Squad Car Named Desire/ Which Hunt/ Wrong Side of the Road/ Eye of the Saber-Tooth/ Raining Fire/ Lost My Way/ Pas Question/ Up The River First press: 500 on black vinyl Bleeding Hickeys S/T 7" EP 2002 red vinyl Blind Approach Restless Nights 7" EP 1988 B. 6 different covers exist, 200 or less of each version. Calloused Masquerade LP Fired Up Records/ 002 1999 Masquerade/ Desensitized/ Isolation/ Blind lead the blind/ the list continues on…/ Mystified/ Genocidal onslaught/ Building the gasp Crusty Hardcore 1000 Black Vinyl Calloused/Shitlist The Rebound of evolution Split LP Fired Up/ 005 2001 Calloused-Mind to waste/ (life of the living dead III/ Deeply scarred/ Life process/ Human structure/ Rape Parade/ Por Gratis/ Mystified/ Corporate Leech/ Blind lead the blind Shitlist are from Seattle 1000 Black Vinyl Calloused Still Failing World 7" vinyl Sin Fronteras Records 600 black vinyl, 100 blue Calvin Krime Pretty In Pink 7" EP 1995 D. Y./King / King Rec 002 Social Crash/ Greens/ Hybridized/ My Friend noisy pop-punk Calvin Krime Kids Incarcerated 7" EP 1996 Skene! 044 Veryfine / Blood Flow Slow (Fight Song) / Bing Bing noisy pop-punk Charlie Don't Surf I swear these guys put out a 7" but I don't have it. Flexi Self released 1980 Happy Birthday Sucker Chuck Wow means Fuck You in Hmong. I've heard this is a one sided flexi glued to a piece of metal or cardboard?Chuck Wow Flexi Self released 1981 Symphony in white/ Under Glass/ Touch New Wave Chuck 7" single 1983 Last love b/w your knees ??Destroy Necropolis LP Sound Pollution/ Pollute 19 1994 Remote Control/ Phyrric victory/ Prey in school/ Death Through Vanity I/ Death through vanity II/ Salvation in Death/ Hysteria/ Burn Down the Mall/ Crowd Control/ God Squad/ Death of a Generation/ Revolution will not be analog// Necropolis/ war without mercy/ 1968/ Misery/ All American working class hero/ Dog Fight/ Sword of Damocles/ War on Wankers 94/ Stop thinking and follow/ Laid to Waste/ Another Religion another war (varukers) First press 1500, second press 500, last press 1,000 all on black vinyl.Dillinger Four Higher Aspirations: Tempered and Dismantled 7" EP 1995 Cerebellum Records Shotgun Confessional/ Unemployment/ Smells like OK Soda/ One Trick Pony Dillinger Four The Kids are all Dead 7" EP 1996 Cerebellum Records I Coulda been a contender/ Hi-pro glo/ Two Cents/ He's a shithead (yeah, yeah) Dillinger Four More Songs About Girlfriends and Bubblegum 7"ep 1997 Mutant Pop/MP 24 Fuck you, Miss Rochelle/ An Amercian Banned/ Thanks for Nothing/ Twin Cities Sinners, United Melodic punk rock ?

Danger Roads My Metaphysical friend 7" single Break'er BR 45107 1979? Deprived Youth Alliance/ My First Addiction S/T 12" split LP My First Addiction were from Boston.

Destroy Burn this Racist System Down 7" ep 1992 Havoc/ HC 7001 Banality of evil/ Get Used to it/ Gynocide/ Ode to Ramen/ Burn this racist system down/ Atomic Myopia/ Anthem/ Ad Nauseum/ Fuck you I'm punk/ Crowd Control/ Enforced Orthodoxy/ Prey in School/ Lethal Habits.

First press 2,000 black, 50 or so with record release sleeves, second press 2,000 black, 3d press 1,700 black, 300 white, 4th press 2,000 marbled, 5th 2,000 red Destroy/Disturb Split ep 7" ep 1994 MCR/ MCR 087 Destroy-All American Working Class Hero/ Chains of Torment/ Render Unto Caesar/ Redneck (COC) One pressing of 1500 Disturb is from Japan.

Has gone public/ music is none of my business/ define "learning disorder"/ let them eat Thomas Paine/ shiny things is good/ J.

Harris/ Q: how many punks does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Some on grey marbled vinyl Dillinger Four/Pinhead Gunpowder Split 7" EP 2000 Adeline/007 Dillinger Four-Are you the motherfucker with the banana?

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