Self esteem teen dating violence

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After a quick reflection (look into her social media), I realized the need to pay attention to the “influencers” in my child’s life.She calls them her “BAE’s” which consists of women so I barely complain.The reason for starting Divas In Defense was because my brother and I witnessed domestic violence in the household.I wish these sons would #Ask Your Mama about being victimized.There were some wonderful speakers and panelists including: Jennifer Bivins (Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault), Adrian Githuku (Uber), Tony Porter (A Call To Men), Lina Juarbe Botella (A Call To Men), Elisa Covarrubias (Live SAFE Resources), Langston Walker (Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault), and Greg Loughlin (Men Stopping Violence).“Stop Toxic Masculinity!”This message resonated with me because I found myself guilty of toxic masculinity. Without a proper outlet, emotions can erupt in anger.

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This subjects your child to endless hours of demeaning and often physical attacks.

This includes a quickly-learned skill aimed at fleeing almost any sexual assault.

This four (4) hour course includes the twelve elements of personal safety critical for this age group, including date rape drugs, jogging safety, safe parking lot strategies, social media net-iquette, on-campus violence, cyber stalkers and more.

As owner of Divas In Defense, I am proud to say we have trained tens of thousands of women Worldwide.

From the high seas of the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, to the hot desserts of Kuwait, the Divas In Defense training staff have worked diligently to empower women through self-defense.

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