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Harder grades are used for joists, rafters, studdings, sills, sheathing, porch columns, posts, balusters, and stair rails.: A drawing of surveyed land indicating the location, boun daries. The recorded plat, usually sent to an appropriate governmental office or the county recorders office, also contains information as to easements, restrictions, and lot number.Often used for interior railings, posts, and furniture.: Stone, brick, concrete, hollow-tile, concrete-block, gypsum-block, or other similar building units or materials or a combination of the same, bonded together with mortar to form a wall, pier, buttress or similar mass.: Sill plate is a horizontal member anchored to a masonry wall.Sole plate is bottom horizontal member of a frame wall.: Both hard and soft maple are generally light tan and used in construction where hardness is a major factor.Used for expensive cabinetwork, flooring, doors, and trim.

: A system of framing a building in which all vertical structural elements of the bearing walls and par titions consist of single pieces extending from the top of the foundation sill plate to the roof plate and to which all floor joists are fastened.Almost always an odd number of plies are used to provide balanced construction.: Any substance that, for a reasonable length of time, will prevent the action of wood-destroying fungi, borers of various kinds, and similar destructive agents when the wood has been properly coated or impregnated with it. The premier wood for shingles used in the United States because of its durability, ease of working, and light weight.Furring provides a space for insulation, helps prevent moisture transmission, and provides a level surface for paneling or other surface finishing treatment.Back to Top [hr] G : A hard and heavy brown to reddish brown hard wood.

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