Sccm software inventory not updating

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The metadata is the information about each software update and is stored in site server database.The software update file is what client computers download and run to install the software update file: The file that the client computer downloads ,such as an executable(.exe) or windows installer (.msi) file,and then installs to update a component or update metadata: Data that provides the information about software update, such as name,description,products that the update supports,update classification,article ID,download URL,applicability rules and so on.Basically if some content already exists on a distribution point and you want to send some updated content then we use RDC to compute only the delta that needs to be sent and thus use network bandwidth effectively. Once content is staged on a distribution point clients download it using BITS/SMB (depending on whether your distribution point is BITS enabled or not).In this case there is no compression - clients download each individual file from the distribution point as is.This is being used in conjunction with Wo L to install clients that have missed both the GPO and SCCM package scheduled task upgrade times.

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the computer should be in workgroup because of Unique SID and other unique ID's.If the agent doesn’t get upgraded for some reason, the computer will continue functioning until an IT person comes along to assist it.If the agent uninstalls, but the 2012 SP1 agent fails to install, then the computer is essentially unmanaged by SCCM at that point and nothing happens (but this is very rare).search folder: A folder that provides an easy way to retrieve a set of software updates that meet the defined search update: Composed of two main parts: The metadata and software update file.

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