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If Rihanna is really being offered a cameo on a sitcom Ashton is affiliated with, his jealous girlfriend can’t just stop business like that. Plus everybody knows Rihanna is too busy bouncing back and forth between rappers, most recently being seen cuddled up with Drake in Paris.

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But then the rumors turned out to be false, and just when you thought Rihanna might have grown out of bad boys, fresh rumors of her and Ashton Kutcher dating have started doing the rounds on the Internet. Before we conclude that Riri has fallen for the wrong guy for the second time, here is some news.

As Rihanna was honored at the event celebrating Time magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people — which this year included Tim Tebow, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Kate Middleton — the star’s mother referenced her daughter making a late night trip to see “Two and a Half Men” star Kutcher last month.

While Rihanna had been spotted arriving at Kutcher’s Los Angeles home at midnight on March 21, she did not leave until 4 a.m. RIHANNA WALKS OUT OF INTERVIEW AFTER ASHTON KUTCHER BROUGHT UP While Braithwaite’s exact joke has not been reported, Rihanna herself revealed to fans that the quip had been made.

Neither of them really elaborated on the relationship in detail, but I think they were totally in love.

Now that she's seemingly got a new boo, Twitter has been roasting Drake.

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