Planetside 2 character stats not updating

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Register (you can use your 163 account if you have one): 4.1.

You will go to the quest board and it will open a window. Click the most left button (2x), it means 'accept the quest'. Click the flying link, you will go to a trainer npc. Accept the quest again until you get two options, choose the one with the L in it. Click accept and close the window, you now see a chicken, just follow him.

This includes updating the old tilesets with new textures, which has caused a lot of performance drops.

Netease bought the rights from Aeon Soft so they can change the game. Click the yellow button and wait until the updating is done, the client will autostart after updating. Download the Client (choose one of the 2 links): Full Client: (not updated so maybe not working) Downloader: (always working) 2. Start the client if you didn't start it for registering. Choose your server (select the yellow-marked one if you want to play on the same server as me): 4.3. (first field is account, second field is password)6.1. It's a sort of a mini game, you need to press Go and when the item you want is selected, press stop as fast as possible! If you see this button above your skill bar, click it: .

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