Pisces woman and aries man dating Hornychats

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This makes my brain spin in twenty different directions.

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Of course, the tutor has no kids, no past marriages, & doesn't want kids YET!? But I do have 1 kid 100% of the time cuz of full custody but I don't have issues w/ my ex, & I'm willing to forfeit having more kids for "true love". I'm in love with my pisces man he is taken by my love and passion for him that could bring a Nation to its knees and my amazing equal keeps me level headed and calms the fire in me at any cost he would do anything for me and he is the air I BREATHE.But his face and attitude changed the first time he found out that his kids already knew the guy & looked up to him like a "Super Hero". I'm so confused and don't know what I should do. He loves me so much that he will move earth and sky for me.Boy was that a blow to his ego & a knife to his sweet heart. We are taking a break in our relationship right now, we've been dating 5 years.well at least that's how he puts it out there. I have trouble listening because I'm so independent but he has been patient with that. He can be controlling but that is linked to his high expectations.Most of the time when we do get along is either when were in bed cuddling or doing the doo or when i bring up sometime that bothers me and he just acts clueless or dumbfounded..

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