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Sexual dimorphism (two forms) refers to the general phenomenon in which male and female forms of an organism display distinct morphological characteristics or features.

Sexual dimorphism in humans is the subject of much controversy, especially relating to mental ability and psychological gender.

In sperm, about half the sperm have an X chromosome and half have a Y chromosome.

If an egg fuses with a sperm with a Y chromosome, the resulting individual is male.

normal) distribution which can be broadly described by the mean (peak distribution) and standard deviation (indicator of size of range).

In humans, X-chromosome inactivation enables males and females to have equal expression of the genes on the X-chromosome since females have two X-chromosomes while males have a single X and a Y chromosome.When an egg and sperm fuse at fertilization, the two sets of chromosomes come together to form a unique "diploid" individual with 46 chromosomes.The sex chromosome in a human egg is always an X chromosome, since a female only has X sex chromosomes.One set of 23 comes from the mother and one set comes from the father.Of these 23 pairs of chromosomes, 22 are autosomes, and one is a sex chromosome.

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