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Choose a reliable email client (like Mailbird for Windows or Airmail for Mac i.e.), treat unwanted email with extra caution and gear up with anti-malware software (such as Norton or Avira).Furthermore, avoid downloading attachments from suspicious senders and protect your data with unique strong passwords for all your accounts.First of all is to install anti-virus/malware software and keep it up to date.Regularly update your operating system and run scheduled virus scans.The content of the message encourages users to download a malicious file and launch it.Often there’s a link to a malicious site in the body of the message, which thanks to drive-by downloads automatically installs malware just by clicking a link.

Email attachments are one of the oldest ways to spread malware.

From creating safe lists, or choosing between automatic and manual filtering, users can avoid overloading their inboxes with unwelcome messages.

Email clients and webmail providers have filtering options, which enable users to select a level of protection.

Most email services can perform virus scanning and remove a dangerous attachment.

With the fast evolution of viruses, worms, Trojans or spyware, the anti-malware software have difficulties to keep up.

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