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At the same time, Uzbekistan has one of the lowest cumulative inflows of FDI in the former Soviet Bloc due to a range of factors.

These include limited access to foreign currency, an underdeveloped and overregulated banking sector, trade restrictions, government involvement in trade and commerce, and widespread corruption.

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Details on each of the MCC’s indicators and a guide to reading the scorecards are available here: As a result of continued decline of the regional economic environment in 2015, Uzbek exports and remittances declined by 9 percent and 50 percent respectively..In order to generate additional sources of foreign currency inflow, the government initiated ambitious privatization programs.Without support of the government or state-affiliated entities, foreign investors have limited business opportunities in Uzbekistan.The government generally welcomes investors and investment projects that are in line with its import-substitution and export-oriented industrialization policy, and discourages investments in import-consuming sectors by controlling access to currency exchange.

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