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Top Offers is going to present the brand new list of verticals in the nearest future. Answer: Top Offers gives an opportunity to earn and benefit from any of the above mentioned schemes.

We are always in the move ahead, collaborating with the best advertisers and performing the continued analysis and choice of publishers with the highest quality of traffic. You can’t choose one specific model and say that our affiliates will have the highest ROI with it only.

Despite being a relative newcomer, Top Offers is already an identifiable brand in the market and has many highly exclusive offers to promote.

Our team regularly attends global conferences and meetups, actively participates in various forums, and thoroughly outlines its activities via the most famous dating industry information sources.

While regular networks usually invest into building their brand and won’t play dirty tricks on you … Com and asked them a few questions about their program, dating in general and what plans they have for the future.

They work exclusively with several offer owners, so it’s as close to going direct as it gets.

It’s not always the case, several of these advertisers also work with regular affiliate networks so you can find their offers there too, but as you could guess, the payouts are usually lower, since there are more players involved.

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Working with direct advertisers or in-house affiliate programs often means having access to exclusive offers that are not to be found in other affiliate networks, which naturally means lower exposure of such offers and lower saturation.

One of the biggest advantages of the company is the advanced in-house Smart Link platform – Profit Social, which allows us to use Smart Link technology for maximum convenience of our partners.

One of the best features for Smart Link is that, whatever happens to the offer which is currently being run, there will always be a top offer backup, so no clicks will be left without monetization. I know that your main focus is on adult dating, do you also plan to go more mainstream in the near future or will you stay 100% adult/casual focused?

there are also cases when it’s better to use regular affiliate networks, so let me mention a few reasons for doing so. In-house affiliate programs NEVER have so many offers and offer types as a regular network, it’s not their goal either. When working with a direct advertiser, make sure you understand lead quality first and that you are able to deliver quality leads.

When an advertisers isn’t happy with your quality, you will be asked to stop and that’s pretty much it.

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