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In Season 15, he becomes the proud father of Johnny and Morgan Mc Gee.

Ducky's protégé, taking the place of Gerald Jackson after he had been injured too severely to continue work at NCIS, who also acts as a Ducky-expy to Tony's Gibbs whenever Tony is in charge of a case.

He's married to a woman named Breena and they have a daughter named Victoria. Gibbs says that he wants to keep Bishop around after she helps the team solve a case involving high level security leaks, which she predicted in a paper years ago. Formerly NCIS' assistant director who oversaw operations on the west coast.

He was promoted to agency director in the wake of Jenny Shepard's death.

He is also a fairly successful author who's written a series of novels based on his coworkers (to their intense displeasure).I'd like to start by making a distinction that I usually make on the very first day of my Morals and Ethics class.A lot of people say that morals are how we treat the people we know and ethics are how we treat the people we don't know. But what happens, Jeff, when society is ruled by the subjective morals of, say, you and your family, and you choose to project that onto complete strangers is that we all end up with a society that's governed by self-aggrandizement.She takes the job, even though it means uprooting her family to Washington D. Then two months in, she learns that her predecessor's death may not have been accidental.Like most of CBS's shows of The New '10s, the series is primarily episodic in nature, with the A-plot being geopolitical drama of some stripe, accompanied by various B-plots surrounding the lives of Liz's staff and family, and a season-long Story Arc dealing with major geopolitical events."You ask an interesting question, Jeff.

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