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I’d also never been in a relationship longer than two years.

My grandparents marriages works for them, I suppose, but it wasn’t what I wanted for my own life.

Over time, though, the beauty of appreciation easily melts into the mundane, and we forget to cultivate the joy of togetherness. But marriage should be only the launch of this lifelong discovery process.

This is why Ellen White encouraged, “Continue the early attentions. We need to make time every week to talk, about both the ordinary details of life and the deeper issues in our hearts.

Women laud celebrities like Kerry, Janet and yes, Beyonce, for being notoriously private with their love lives.

One is because people put those who are calculatingly private with their relationships on a pedestal.Marriage doesn’t guarantee your husband will be active in any of the above. But my mom had never been married (and has no interest at this point), both of my godmothers have never been married, my Dad’s sister has never been married and my mom’s sister has been married and divorced twice.These were all smart, double degreed, home-owning, kind, cooking, traveling, fun women who’d lived full lives without a life partner. After some self-examination I’d realized my views on marriage had more to do with a fear of not being a good wife due to the lack of examples I saw.Here are four of the most crucial steps couples can take to make (and keep) relationships fresh and fulfilling.relationship begins with two people delighting in one another.

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