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And to assume poor play will occur simply by association is just downright irresponsible.Here are 12 examples in which a player’s association with a celebrity resulted in performance-related criticism, whether preemptive or not.This one is more a case of, “She could’ve ruined him,” than, “She actually did ruin him.” Tennis star Andy Roddick is now married to model/actress Brooklyn Decker, but in the early 2000s, he did a relationship stint with Mandy Moore. Open (his only singles Grand Slam title) and rose to the world’s No. Around this same time, the Interwebs started to have a lot of issues with his relationship, with many calling Moore a distraction.Back then, Roddick was seen as a promising young tennis star, having not even scratched the surface of his potential. The general consensus is that their breakup was a result of this., criticism arose after his marriage that his play had diminished as a result of happenings in his personal life—Brady obviously denied this.

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Well, turns out they got back together approximately five seconds later, and his numbers remained very Cutler-esque. Speculation arose that Decker’s show would take away from his career.Also in 2011, the first season of the couple’s reality show, , aired.After the 2011 NBA season, the Lakers traded Odom to Dallas, and his career began to derail.True, he hasn’t won a Super Bowl since the pre-Gisele days, but that’s not necessarily related.More recently, his individual stats have dropped a bit, but some might argue that the drop-off in completions and passing TDs in 2013 had way more to do with his lack of weapons than his model wife.

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