Michelle obama daughter dating

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“There is still enormous social pressure on black women to only marry black men—to ‘sustain’ the race and build strong black families,” Banks told me in an interview in 2011.

“In short, no matter the personal cost,” Banks said, “black women are encouraged to marry ‘down’ before they marry ‘out.'” So far, Obama’s kiss is been met with relatively little backlash.

Williams’ announcement was met with messages of anger, betrayal and dismay across #blacktwitter.

Williams may be rich, famous, and stratospherically accomplished, but for many black Americans her romantic decisions are not fully her own.

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Whether we like it or not, Farquharson’s race and class—his father is a CEO of an investment fund and he was the “head boy” at an expensive private school in the UK—have implications far beyond her rarefied milieu.

According to the Daily Mail, the prestigious school falls under the ranks of Harrow and Eton, the schools that Prince William and Prince Harry attended.

Last year, Malia’s dad opened up about his daughter’s dating lives and said that he’s pretty relaxed about it.

This decorum, however, is likely to fade if Obama continues to date—and ultimately marry—outside her race.

One need only look to the vitriol heaped upon tennis star Serena Williams last winter when she revealed her engagement to Alex Ohanian, the white co-founder of Reddit who’s now her husband (and daughter’s father).

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