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MW: We are known for creating clean, colourful and quirky work.

Most of our content features coloured paper, food or technology – these are the things we all love in the studio.

Another technique we use is six-word pitching – this is great!

Our work is usually used in social media for five to 15 sec ads, so if you can’t pitch the concept in six words, then it’s likely too complicated!

At the same time we installed a commercial laser cutter in the studio.

This new supercharged capability, coupled with a strong design sense and well-rehearsed animation team, has really carved out a distinctive niche for us to work in.

I went freelance after our son Manning was born, and when we started to have HR needs at yelldesign, I took on the pays, admin and other bits and pieces.

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We’re not limiting anything; we just have to really think it’s great. After the initial period of everyone scrambling to figure out how to make engaging six sec clips, the market exploded.

Our own internal projects, like ‘Papermeal’, go through a slightly different process.

We often discuss these over lunch, where we can really flesh out concepts in a relaxed way, but we all know that at the finish of the meal we need to have everything agreed!

Moving to Melbourne at 19, I did a bunch of different jobs to support a career in music.

Matt Willis: I grew up in Warrnambool on the South West coast of Victoria.

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