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(Biggest Solution theme riff starts) Today’s show is brought to you by…our own bonus episode! Actually, would that count as running away from home?

------ (Clip starts) “Dick: Are you talking about you?

But are they…are the first ones that tough to listen to? Sean: I think I went back and everything is just more sedated. You think there’s all this excitement, but it doesn’t come across until you…

(Sound effect: Drumroll) Maddox: I’ve been wanting to mention this on the podcast.

Sean: There was a few in the early 70s, I think, that were really good. Dick: (interjects) Although, that’s not necessarily a problem. And he got through like, a minute and a half, and he goes, “There’s too much shouting.” (Maddox and Sean laugh) I don’t wanna listen to this anymore.

Dick: Why would you think a wedding is cowboy-themed?

This is just gonna be a big disappointment for everyone involved. (giggles) I showed up to the wedding, the only one dressed as a cowboy.

Maddox: And occasionally, I’ll meet somebody at a party, or a wedding or something, somewhere, and they’ll say, “What do you do? Maddox: And I say, “Please don’t.” Sean: Don’t do it from Episode 1!

I’ll listen from Episode #1 and I’ll go all the way through.” Sean: No!

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