Long distance dating and reunions

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But can we blame idealization even for breakups happening before moving in? There are millions of possible reasons to explain a LDR’s failure : Is it the distance fault? It’s up to you and your partner to bring intimacy, fun, communication, complicity, exciting and inspiring reunions, a bright future, an assumed sexuality and feelings on a daily basis.Either before or after moving together, traditional couples and LDR couples will always have a very high failure rate. You can always be the exception to the rule, but today, it’s important to put all the chances on your side to be part of the couples who last and flourish.

Despite constantly thinking about your long distance partner, you can’t wish them to your side at the blink of an eye.82% of couples in long distance relationship put an end to their adventure after finally moving in together, according to the Ohio State University.In fact, another study from the same university goes even further, revealing that one third of those same couples break up within three months of moving in together.Living solo while apart also builds confidence and gives partners space to nurture their individual interests. Good communication is also essential, along with talking things over openly.And an big-picture goal or end plan is also important.

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