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Relics At Perry Pont House, Perry Bar, near Bir- mingham, is preserved a large block of the Royal Oak, upon which is the following inscription : — " This seat is formed of a part of the root of the celebrated Royal Oak in the parish of Don- nington in Shropshire, and which afforded safe shelter to King Charles 2nd and Col. A former curate at Donington records that when the last remains were rooted up, "a portion of it was made into a pig-trough at Kilsall." The position of the old tree in a corner of the enclosure afforded " a fair opportunity of taking out the whole of the stock and the thickest por- tion of the roots." \ As the successor of the famous tree has for some years past been showing signs of decay, it is gratifying to note that a seedling was planted in 1897 in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The petitioner was an orphan, but his father had sur- vived to see the Restoration, and came up to London with the Penderels, but had the mis- fortune to die a few days afterwards.

have never received any marks of his Majesties favour since his Majesties blessed restauration ; his father comming to towne according to his Majesties speciall directions, but within some few dayes after dyed, and left the said Nicholas an infant and a proper object of his Majesties royall care.

Carlos's parental home, Broom Hall, was close by, and when the colonel went to meet the King in his advance to Worcester before the disastrous battle, this Yates, as well as Mr. The other Francis Yates and his wife Margaret lived at Longlelawn, or Long Lawn, a small farm or holding on the outskirts of Spring Coppice near Boscobel (which, though rebuilt, retains the name), where Richard Penderel left the King while he went to the house to borrow a blanket and ask his sister-in-law to bring some food into the wood. The entries in the volume not only are a further proof of the King's gratitude, but by them we learn the names of some of the next generation which are wanting in the pedigrees in Hughes's " Boscobel Tracts." The children of John Penderel appear to have been well looked after, perhaps in re- membrance of the fact, as Father Huddleston says, that John took the most pains of all the brothers when the King was under their care.

In the warrant for the grant of the annuity of £^^0 to Elizabeth, she is described as of Broode (Brewood). and James II., between the years 16,^ there are several disbursements to the Penderel and Yates families over and above the ordinary pensions.

{By Mary Beale, at Narford Hall) Jane Lane's lantern. {From an old engraing in the possession of the editor) . 208 Old Inn, Southampton, where Colonel Phelips and others resorted to during their transactions to procure a vessel there ....

{From an old engraijing in the possession of the editor) Jane Lane. {From a painting by Vander^velde in Kensington Palace) ....... {By Faithome, from the 1660 edition nf Blount's " Boscobel") ......... {From an old engravitig in the possession of the editor) General Thomas Dalzell. 200 Montacute House, old seat of the Phelips family . {By Fait home, from a rare print in the possession of Fred Roe, Esq.) .

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