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Is there any information or advice anyone could give me and my family to help try and get them home?????? We have contacted a solictor who has hit a brick wall as Libyan law is VERY different to ours but thought NETMUMS was worth a try!

Thankyou all Mum to a special needs child with refulx/IBS/visual dyslexia/visual dyspraxia/dyspraxia/motor co ordination delay Lonely whispers fill my heart,as empty voices tear apart-my life, I watch the peices scatter...

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If so then they must of had British passports to have left the country in the first place (all British children have to have their own passports to travel abroad).

A friend's father stole her passports and her family's and they eventually got them back via the courts.

If she can find out where the passports are she might be able to get out of the country without the visa if she claims an emergency at home - she could lie and say her husband wasn't able to join her on the return journey. Would the Libyan Govt expel the children and your sister then anyway?

My cousin cant do anything as the babies are on his passport and not hers!

She obviously does not want to leave the children and never would but they are SO desperate to get home!

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