Lauren trembath

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BRENDAN TREMBATH: Those earlier films included the detective stories, the Film Noir.Can you describe the impact of those films at that time? Whether it’s outsourcing a call centre or sales operation, finding reputable online marketing agencies or sourcing technology vendors or consultants, Matchboard specialises in the supply chain around sales, customer service and back office. No matter how you interact with your customers, Matchboard finds the right suppliers to meet your sales, service and back office needs. Our free web-based sourcing service allows companies to “cut through” the thousands of market offerings and quickly identify a shortlist of suppliers matching a specific business need.

Gone are the days of wading through search engine results and spending weeks on research to locate who’s who in the market.

Bacall appeared on the stage, touring Australia in Tennessee William's Sweet Bird of Youth.

MARK COLVIN: And I'm sorry to end the program with another obituary, but this at least is somebody who died after a long life and of natural causes.

Now, Betty Bacall, as she was also known, has died at her Los Angeles home.

Her romance on and off screen with Humphrey Bogart led to marriage - but he died of cancer in 1957. BRENDAN TREMBATH: 1945 was a big year for Lauren Bacall.

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