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Her return and irreverence helps him heal,” says Mc Kidd, who directed tonight’s second hour, his 17th helming credit on . Will she don scrubs and yell, “Hey, give me that scalpel!? While there’s a competitive streak between Owen and his younger sister, her focus isn’t about rolling up her sleeves at Grey-Sloan, but “reconnecting with her son and going back to Iraq.Debbie Allen helmed the first episode, “Break Down the House.” In total, the first two hours of tonight’s premiere took 18 days to shoot. Even though, health-wise, she’s got bigger things to worry about, she promptly starts making waves from her hospital bed, getting into Owen’s head about Amelia and hooking Nathan, her former lover, away from Meredith. It will pencil out to be a satisfying conclusion,” says Mc Kidd about Megan’s arc. If something happens to her, can you take care of her adopted child?Even though he wasn’t responsible for her disappearance, as an older brother, he felt he could have done something in the Army.

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shared that as Kevin Mc Kidd explains, you shouldn’t feel like you missed out on seeing Sandra Oh on this episode.Mc Kidd doesn’t sound like he is going anywhere either from what he had to say about the show.“I’m not being corny or giving you the party line, but this has been like a family for me.Mc Kidd understands that everyone knows that Cristina should have been with Meredith on this really hard day, and she was there indeed — even if fans didn’t realize it right away.Sandra Oh actually left the show about a year before Patrick Dempsey’s character was killed off.

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