Intj female dating

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We’re more than capable of being friends and working with people who are at different levels and have different strengths — absolutely.But when it comes to a suitable partner, she won’t be able to authentically deviate from this must.We are rigorous thinkers Unlike most other women, we don’t necessarily need to depend on others to develop our own ideas.We tend to think entirely independent of popular opinion.And if for some reason we don’t, we’re pretty upfront about acknowledging where we’ve missed something or where we misinterpreted something we heard or simply forgot about. Flaking out, blowing off, or not doing what you say you’re going to do (especially for something simple like making a date) altogether is the quickest way to lose our respect and be permanently relegated to the “unsuitable partner” pool.We want consistency and respect people who “tell it like it is” (albeit doing so kindly) and that means that we need to know what to expect from the people we open ourselves up to.6.

INTJ women have little patience for people who they see as shallow and generally speaking, we also hate dating games and “rules” (even if we’ve learned all about dating rules and socially acceptable dating behavior, we still think those rules are stupid).Most men say that they want a woman who is intelligent, strong-willed, growth-oriented, and confident, and they may sincerely mean it when they say it, but the fact is that the majority of men are attracted to women who mostly embody the more stereotypical feminine qualities like emotional, bubbly, nurturing, warm, and flirty — qualities that INTJ women blow out of the water.In other words, it takes an extraordinary man who’s very secure in his own skin to truly connect and maintain a relationship with an INTJ woman.We like to do things on our own terms, deciding for ourselves and not based off of societal opinion of what we should be like or interested in.We are very open minded and willing to hear other people’s ideas on different subjects.

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