Intimidating sports songs

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As an added bonus, it’s also great “triumphant departure” music, after you’ve left the rebel scum—I mean, opposing batters—broken and defeated. I Feel Like a Woman” I’m gonna have to claim my country roots here and go Shania Twain, “Man!

I Feel Like A Woman.” I don’t necessarily know if this would really be “striking fear into the hearts of my opponents,” but if those opening notes and the “let’s go, girls” can’t get me in the mood to get out there and kick some ass, nothing will.

Welcome to The Playlist Project, where we’ll be posing musical questions to Paste staff, interns and writers and then compiling their responses into a handy playlist before opening it up for discussion in our comments section.

Last week, baseball fans across the nation celebrated Opening Day.

That means I get both an at-bat song and a closer theme.

Either way, you’ve made it to the big leagues, and you’re ready to do your thing—what’s playing on the PA to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents?

Ryan Bort, Comedy Editor Trick Daddy, “Shut Up” My answer is, was (yes, we had walk-up songs in high school) and always will be Trick Daddy, “Shut Up.” Stephen M.

Robert Ham, Contributing Writer Babymetal, “Gimme Chocolate” If the potential goal of any walk-up song is to throw a little fear into the hearts of the opposing team, I choose instead to confuse the hell out of them.

And what better way to do that than with some searing metal riffs combined with young Japanese girls chirpily singing about how badly they want chocolate?

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